Video: Royal Mail’s consultation for Mount Pleasant was “window dressing”, says senior consultant

Royal Mail lacked the ambition to persuade local councils that their Mount Pleasant housing development would benefit the surrounding community, a senior figure in the consultation process has said.

Alex Grant, who was a consultant for Indigo Public Affairs employed to act as a go-between between Royal Mail and Camden and Islington councils, said that the public consultation he managed was an exercise in “window dressing”. Watch the full interview below.


Mapped: Islington fire engine response times increase in 2014

Figures released by the London Fire Brigade this week show that average fire engine response times increased this year in 371 of the city’s 649 wards.

The news is particularly relevant in Islington, where a strong campaign was fought to prevent the closure of the 140-year-old Clerkenwell fire station in January. I’ve mapped out the data across the borough below to show how first fire engine response times changed between Jan-Aug 2014 and 2012-13.

Clerkenwell ward saw the largest increase, with an 87 second jump from 3:59 to 5:28. Read my full story for Islington Now here.