Kosice and Prague, September 2016

Five days spent in Central Europe, starting with a brief visit to Kosice, Slovakia’s second city, before taking the sleeper night train to Prague in the Czech Republic.

Kosice has a central street (Hlavna ulica) running north to south, rather than a main square

State Theatre, Kosice

St Elisabeth Cathedral, Kosice – Slovakia’s biggest church and one of the most easternmost Gothic cathedrals in Europe

In the 14th century Kosice became the first town in Europe to be granted its own coat of arms

Eden Arena, home of Slavia Prague football club

View from Vysehrad towards Prague Castle

Rychtar on the Vltava

Central Prague

An anti-immigration protest of some kind in Wenceslas Square, Prague

Peering into the Generali Arena, home of Sparta Prague football club

Outside the Generali Arena

The Strahov stadium in Prague, built during the inter-war period to host large-scale gymnastic events. With a capacity of more than 200,000 it is largely considered the largest stadium ever built

The Strahov is no longer in use as a stadium, though the pitches are used as a practice facility by Sparta Prague football club

The ventilation tower for the tunnel that runs underneath the Strahov stadium

Strahov stadium concourse

Strahov stadium, east side

Strahov stadium inside

Strahov stadium, west side

‘No entry during training’

Krymska street, a popular place for bars

Typical housing blocks in Stromky

Morning in Prague, the junction at Zelivskeho

Prague metro

Zelivskeho metro station


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