Blog: Charlie Brown music video

Yesterday Coldplay released the long awaited video for Charlie Brown, set to become the third single from the album Mylo Xyloto. Despite the recent success of Paradise, which recently became Coldplay’s second UK Number 1 single, for me Charlie Brown is the best song from the album. It is generally a favourite among Coldplay fans, as it shows musical development without verging too far into foreign music genres like mainstream pop and R&B which could be said of Paradise and Princess of China.

In the run up to this video release a number of pictures taken by extras on the set were released, so on first impressions it appears as I expected. Directed by long time collaborator Mat Whitecross, the video follows the story of a young couple who basically steal a car, kiss and then attend a wild fluorescent coloured rave where they find Coldplay performing on the dance floor. It’s very energetic, colourful, upbeat; and no shots within the video seem to appear for longer than a second.

Some fans have criticised the video for lacking depth and resembling more of a Rihanna video than a classic Coldplay one. Sure, the video lacks the poignancy of The Scientist, or even the simple brilliance of Yellow, but one has to remember that this song has a completely different sound to previous Coldplay classics. Charlie Brown is designed to get people jumping on their feet; just see the way in which the many festival crowds of 2011 reacted in response to the song despite never hearing it before.

Overall, the video is a welcome addition to the back catalogue. Hopefully Charlie Brown will be able to replicate the success of the previous single Paradise, although it may find that task difficult without the help of an X Factor final appearance to boost sales. Speaking of Paradise, thank god those elephant suits have gone…


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